Biomedical Services and Repair

Drive Down Costs and Optimize Medical Equipment Utilization

Preventive Maintenance of Medical Equipment

Medical equipment should be serviced according to manufacturers' instructions. Usually, the operation manual informs the right service period of the device. Preventive maintenance typically includes an operational and functional check, electrical safety test and possible spare part change according to the manufacturer's demands. During the service, we only use calibrated and traceable test equipment.

Regularly performed service also extends the lifetime of the equipment.

Repair of Medical Equipment

We know how important your equipment is. Depending on the situation, Biomedical Engineering offers quick response times. We value great communication in our task to help you get your medical device working again. We do most repair services at the user site.

Spare Parts

We use only original spare parts during equipment maintenance and repair. We sell and deliver spare parts for medical equipment. If you are seeking only a correct spare part for your medical equipment, please contact us.

We are more than happy to tell more about our services. Please contact us for more information.